5 Spots in Tampa to get your Nerd On!

It's time to get your nerd on!

We know that it's hard out there for a nerd in Tampa. It isn't always easy to find nerd-friendly establishments. But have no fear the Nerdy Girls are here to help you find the perfect place to get your nerd on, no matter what kind of geek you are! In fact... let's break this down by you're nerd type!

 Looking for nerdy things to do in Tampa? You've come to the right place! 😉🤓

Looking for nerdy things to do in Tampa? You've come to the right place! 😉🤓

Anime Nerd

MetroCon – August 3-6, 2017 | Tampa Convention Center

If you are an anime fan and you’ve never heard of/been to Tampa’s MetroCon, what the heck is wrong with you? 😉 They’ve been going strong since 2003 and currently hold the title of the largest anime convention in Florida. They’re known for their annual human chess match, fantasy masquerade, fire show, & star party. This year they are hosting their first ever anime lip sync battle. They also have a running tradition of having a different theme each year to keep things fresh and consistent. This year’s theme? Faithful vs Fallen.



Comic Nerd

Nerd Out Comics - 1745 W Hillsborough Ave

Looking for a place to scratch that comic book itch? Then this is your place! Run by a Nerd in Charge and Chief Nerd, these peeps know their stuff! Whether you’re looking for indy comics, back issues, or just a good recommendation they have you covered. We love small local businesses that are passionate about their industry.





History Nerd

Ybor City Historic Walking Tour - (813) 505-6779

As a self-described history nerd I will be the first to admit that history can be kinda boring. Especially if you’re reading it from a textbook. How to avoid that? Go on a Ybor City walking tour of course! Ybor definitely has some of the coolest/longest histories in the area. And what better way to get your nerd on then walking 7th & getting the DL from people who really know their stuff?


Beer Nerd

Lowry Parcade - 1213 W Waters Ave

So, this one is a double threat. If you A) like/love/are obsessed with craft beer or B) love old school arcade games, this might be your nerd paradise. This quirktastic craft beer bar features a nice selection of local breweries and a few others. Just remember to bring your quarters, this establishment is totally old school!



Film Nerd  

Tampa Theatre - 711 Franklin St

If you are a film nerd and you want an incredibly atmospheric experience, look no further. Built in 1926, this is the oldest entry in this volume, and it totally has the Hollywood glamour thing down pat. Owned and operated by a non-profit, the Tampa Theatre hosts over 600 events each year, including a full schedule of first-run and classic films, concerts, special events, corporate events, tours and educational programs. And if you want to get really nerdy? They offer tours! Our fave is the ghost tour, which is a perfect for Halloween.

That's it folks for this installment. Have a favorite spot not listed? Know of secret nerd haven you've been dying to share? Let us know! kate@nerdygirls.net